May 5th, 2021 the new RecoLab testcentre in Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg has been inaugurated. RecoLab accommodates a new innovative and sustainable  wastewater treatment facility, where toilet wastewater (black water), green waste and other domestic wastewater (grey water) are treated separately, aiming for maximum resource recovery.

Desah has made the conceptual design for the sanitation system, emphasizing the recovery of valuable raw materials such as fertilizer and biogas, as well as heat recovery.

With this new sanitation design, DeSaH already won the Swedish innovation prize in 2015 in the “Blackwater and Food Waste Challenge” in the category “Treatment plant”, aimed at the recycling of waste streams. The jury report states: “DeSaH has developed a compact wastewater treatment plant, a concept that contributes to an increased recirculation of water, nutrients and energy.”

Now, in 2022 this particular project has won the Global Water Awards 2022 in the category “Wastewater Project of the Year”.

Desah is responsible for:

  • Digestion of toilet water (black water)
  • Digestion of food waste
  • Hygienization of sludge
  • Grey water treatment
  • Heat recovery


  • NSVA (North-West Skåne’s Water and Avlopp AB)

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