Nowhere in the Netherlands or in Europe is there a demonstration site for the treatment of hospital water. The demo site at the Antonius Hospital in Sneek, in the Dutch province of Friesland, is unique for that reason, but also because there will be three water streams available:

  1. The mixed hospital wastewater.
    For existing hospitals it will not be easy to disconnect wastewater from specific departments and treat it separately. There, treatment of the total wastewater flow is an obvious choice.
  2. Toilet water from the departments with the highest consumption of cytostatic and antibiotic substances.
    By collecting wastewater at the source and treating it separately, the relevant medicines can be removed most easily. For hospitals with new construction plans, it can therefore be very useful to disconnect the wastewater from certain departments and treat it separately.
  3. Wastewater from the no-mix toilets on specific wards, which collect urine and faeces separately.
    This also allows the specific processing of urine to be further investigated. Treatment of hospital water is new. A great deal of research and testing is still needed to develop suitable treatment techniques for this type of wastewater.

DeSaH input:

  • Process design
  • Detailed design