Climate change is causing longer periods of drought. Therefore, local reuse of decentralized treated wastewater can maintain cities green and more climate resilient. Together with Bioclear earth, Desah is now investigating a new approach for the removal of micropollutants (like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetic components) with biological activated carbon: the activated carbon adsorbs the micropollutants and specific bacteria growing on the activated carbon regenerate the activated carbon. In this way clean, micropollutant free, water is obtained in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

What makes our approach unique?
In this project we want to control the microbial processes on the activated carbon. We do this by selecting the best pretreatment technology for the activated carbon filters and by selecting the proper conditions for microorganisms on the activated carbon. Moreover, specific microorganism, who are capable of removing micropollutants, will be added to the system. The end goal of this project is to have an easy to manage, controllable biological activated carbon filter for the decentralized treatment of wastewater.