In the Buiksloterham district of Amsterdam, located on the northern bank of the river IJ, 550 houses will be connected to the world’s first floating wastewater treatment plant. The “Circular Buiksloterham” project will be completed in mid-2019.
The houses will be equipped with vacuum toilets which will reduce drinking water consumption. These toilets will only use 1 litre of water per flush. The black water from the toilets is then collected via a vacuum sewer system and transported to the floating black water treatment plant. Here, harmful substances are removed from the medium and biogas is produced by means of anaerobic digestion. By converting biogas into electricity, the installation has become completely energy-neutral. Furthermore, nutrients are recovered from the black water, such as phosphate, which can be reused as a fertilizer.


  • Waternet

DeSaH input:

  • Detailed design
  • Implementation

On the pictures below the floating installation under construction and video of sailing.