In 2005, a demonstration project started in the Lemmerweg Oost estate in Sneek, in the Dutch province of Friesland. A number of new purification technologies were developed, tested and implemented by DeSaH.

Thirty-two rental homes have now been equipped with a system for decentralised sanitation and reuse of wastewater and waste materials, characterised by the separate collection, transport and treatment of two waste streams. The slightly contaminated wastewater from the shower, washing machine and kitchen (the so-called ‘grey water’) is not extra contaminated by the heavily contaminated toilet water (the so-called ‘black water’) and is therefore easy to purify. By using innovative technologies, black water is also purified, reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption by as much as 50% compared to conventional systems.
This process also releases ‘green’ biogas that can be used to partially supply the connected homes with energy. Nitrogen and phosphate – valuable nutrients – are recovered from the waste water for reuse. The vacuum system also reduces the amount of water used for toilet flushes.

Watch our virtual tour, realized for the EU Green Week 2021 (duration approx. 3 min).

Project partners:

  • City of Sneek
  • Wageningen University
  • Water board Fryslan
  • Housing corporation De Wieren
  • Housing corporation Accola

Desah input:

  • Process design
  • Technology design
  • Supply
  • Management & maintenance

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